Ministries of First Christian Church

The work of First Christian Church is carried out through a system of ministries, working under the oversight of the elders.   These ministries are both physically and fiscally empowered to accomplish the tasks to which they've been called.   Each ministry has a number of sub-ministries -- and that's where the work of the church is really accomplished.


These ministries and their (ministry leaders) are:


The Christian Education Ministry (Charlotte Dade) provides the educational programs for the children, teens, and adults and is responsible for overseeing the teachers and volunteers for these programs.

  • Nursery (Jackie Zwanzig)
  • Pre-School (Sara Elliott)
  • Elementary (Charlotte Dade)
  • Youth (Patty Johnson)
  • Adult (Doug Dade)



The Finance Ministry(John Branam/Doug Sams) is responsible for the development and maintenance of a sound, legal financial system for the church.

  • Treasurer (John Branam)
  • Assistant Treasurers (Doug Sams, Kathy Reed, Dot Gilliam)
  • Financial Secretary (Rebecca Phillips)


The Membership Ministry (Harvey VanDyke) maintains a productive membership of the church through orientation of prospective and new members, evangelistic endeavors, benevolence to sick and bereaved, prayer for the needs of members and visitors, and fellowship opportunities for the church.


  • Archives/History (Carol Robinette)
  • Bereavement (Dot Gilliam/Judy Kenner)
  • Evangelism (Harvey VanDyke)
  • Home Bound (Dot Gilliam/Shelby Sams)
  • Hostess (Shelby Sams/Joyce Branam/Serena Cantley

        Showers (Amanda Hubbard/Judy Kenner)

        Wednesday Night Dinner (Sarah Sams)


The Mission Ministry (John Branam) provides a strong mission program that includes foreign and domestic, and local missions.

  • Education   (Shelby Sams)
  • Domestic Benevolence (Phip Sams)
  • International Missions (Carol Hickman)


The Property and Maintenance Ministry (Ben Wells) assures that the building, grounds, and equipment are adequately maintained for maximum visual appeal, safety, security, and working order.

  • Building and Grounds
  • Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Technology (Phip Sams)


The Worship Ministry (Cindy Hardee)  is responsible for providing a welcoming environment and meaningful worship opportunities through communion, offering, music, drama, and technology.

  • Baptism (Patty Johnson)
  • Communion (Jackie Zwanzig and Judy Pomeroy)
  • Greeter (Dot Gilliam & Shelby Sams)
  • Music (Cindy Hardee)
  • Technicians (Phip Sams)
  • Worship Servants (Doug Dade)